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Alltså, detta är fantastiskt! Folk tycks tro att jag är snäll! Nu är det Mrs Thomas, döende i lungcancer (lite längre ner i mejlet har lungcancern utvecklats till en ovanlig sjukdom…), som vill att jag ska ta hand om hennes 8,5 miljoner dollar. Detta så att pengarna används till mindre privilegierade, barnhem och kyrkan i stället för att elaka människor lägger rabarber på kosingen. Exakt vad det är hon vill att jag ska göra, men jag tror att hon vill att jag ska åka till Ghana och hämta pengarna som är deponerade på nåt säkert ställe där. Nån som vill hänga på? Men seriöst… är det nån som går på detta???

Här är mejlet i sin helhet:

Dear Beloved,

My name is Elizabeth Thomas, I am 48 Years old Born and brought up in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. Last year i experience restlessness and sleepless nights so my Doctor in Zurich, Switzerland sent me on a general Medical Check up which i was finally diagnosed to have cancer of the Lungs. So my Doctor fly me back to my country Switzerland. My late husbands brother wanted me dead so that he will inherit all my wealth i suffered to build. As a Christian i rather donate my money to the less privilege, orphanage homes and the Church than allow wicked people to take all when i die. Lately I discovered that my late husband’s relation know about the deposited money and their are happy that I will soon die so that they can take the money, so I will give the claim information to you before I pass on to glory.

I will give you all the details that will assist you in getting the Funds deposited with the security Company. I deposited the total of US$8,500.000.00 (Eight million five hundred united states dollars) in cash in a sealed consignment Box in disguise as (Church Evangelical Materials/ Family valuables). This means that the Security Company staff does not know that the Consignment Box contains the cash to avoid Vitalization or theft until the given duration. I will send you the Claim documents (Deposit Certificate and Agreement Bond) and the contact information of the Security Company where the money is deposited in Disguise, I want to have an assurance from you that even when I die,you will not use the money wrongly and will do your best to get it from the security Company in Accra Ghana. I will die happily if I know you will use my funds in a manner pleasing to humanity when you get it.

I have to rest now as this email took me 2 hours to write due to my unusual weakness. Please pray for me my dear and respond urgently to my email so that I can be able to conclude the inheritance Hand over Authorization before I die. I anxiously await your response my dear.

May you be blessed, as you reach me elizathos@foxmail.com.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas

Livet är kort. Jag är utvald för att jag inte är elak, för en gångs skull. Hängeru med till Nya Stället???

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